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I am TOTALLY amazed with the healing powers in essential oils! I was introduced to essential oils shortly after a knee surgery

back in 2011. Nothing major, just a polyetheline plate exchange in a total knee. Simple surgery, in the hospital on Friday and out

on Saturday. All was going well until Sunday evening when we noticed my bandage was wet. Not a great sign after a surgery.

Saw the doc on Tuesday and he wasn’t too happy. He said, I will see you on Thursday. During my visit I was told I’d be the first

one up in the morning for an emergency I&D surgery to clean out the infection. Afterwards I was told I had a ‘Bad Luck Day’

and would be on antibiotics for the rest of my life!

On the following Tuesday my wife checked me out of one hospital and drove me across town to another hospital.  I was enrolled

in infusion therapy for daily infusion of heavy duty antibiotics and more blood tests then I care to remember. For the next 38

days, my mother-in-law drove me back and forth so they could pump over $86,000 of antibiotics into my system. They told me

this is the closest feeling you’ll get to a person sitting next to you with cancer taking chemo. Tail spin!

During this time I was introduced to dōTERRA CTPG essential oils and was wowed by the info sheet showing how oils could

go to the cell level. You see, when you have any prostectic placed into your body (partial or full knee joint, hip joint, you get the

picture), it creates a Biofilm that synthetic antibiotics can’t penetrate. Yes, essential oils could penetrate the bio film and cross

the cell membrane. So our first purchase was a Family Physicians Kit, and we started learning about oils and their amazing

healing powers.

Since stopping the antibiotic pills and switching to CTPG oils, all blood tests to date show no infection. My Ortho doc says

“Keep doing what you’ve been doing, tests look great!” I smile and agree to his request.

Summited by WAS from Fernley, NV
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I was first introduced to dōTERRA essential oils in 2011 when I had a migraine

while in Las Vegas.  Natalie provided me with some helichrysum, which

immediately helped me feel better.  I purchased the Family Physician Kit and

decided to try essential oils for other ailments.  I used one drop of lavender, lemon

and peppermint morning and evening in lieu of my daily allergy medication.  Wow, I

couldn’t believe ‘no more allergy medication’!

The more I became familiar with the dōTERRA products, the more I replaced items

in my home.  After I started using the dōTERRA set of vitamins (Livelong Vitality

group), I noticed that I no longer needed the lavender, lemon and peppermint for my

allergies.  I was amazed that these supplements worked in this unexpected way. I

replaced my skin care, hair care, and supplement products with dōTERRA’s. And, I

love them all!  I also use essential oils to clean and freshen my home, to add flavor to

my food and drinks, and to create homemade gifts for friends and family (e.g. sugar

scrubs, lotion bars, soy candles).  The more I use them, the more I want to use them!

  Submitted by Patti from Fernley, NV
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