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Oil Introductory Information

Introductory Information about Essential Oils

Refer to the company’s product information for how each essential oil may be used.

Be sure to follow their guidelines for usage and dilution.


If approved by product, you may rub oils on the skin (bottoms of feet, problem area, etc.) or inhale/diffuse (put in diffuser,

place on a cotton ball, spray in room, etc.) or consume (place in a capsule, in water, etc.) 


Use only a couple of drops (2-4 for adults and 1-2 for children) of oil and no more than 4 to 6 drops of any one essential oil at a

time.  More is not necessarily better.


If you don’t get the desired results with a few drops, wait awhile and apply again or try a different essential oil. 


Layer oils (apply one oil and then the other) instead of mixing them.  Only pre-mix oils if you have a recipe from a reliable



You may dilute essential oils with fractionated coconut oil, or other vegetable oil.  Definitely dilute when applying oil on

children or on sensitive skin.


Don’t try to get rid of/dilute essential oils with water (especially hot water).  Apply fractionated coconut or vegetable oil. For

example, apply vegetable oil if you apply oil to your arm and it starts turning red or burning.


Be cautious about applying essential oils after a hot bath, shower, or sweating.  Your pores are open, so the oil absorbs more



Keep essential oils and your hands away from your eyes and inside your ear.


You may place your oils in the baggie with your other liquids when flying.  The 15 ml bottles are only ½ ounce.


The essential oil bottles are not full.  Air is needed to dispense the oil.  You will also note that the more air in the bottle, the

faster the oil will flow.  And, slowly turn your bottle to the side (not upside down) to dispense the oil.


The orifice used for sample vials is much smaller than a regular bottle, so it is harder to get a true drop of oil out.  The 1/4 dram

bottles contain about 10 to 12 drops of oil; the 5/8 dram about 20 to 25 drops.  You can turn the sample vials upside down and tap on

the bottle to get about one drop out of the bottle.


Essential oils degrade with heat, light and air. 

Don’t use them in boiling water, or leave them in a hot car.  Feel free to add the essential oil when cooking if you just want the

flavor, or add the oil after you take if off the burner.

Keep your oils in a dark area.  This is why your oil bottles are packaged in dark glass.

Keep the cap on and only open when you are ready to use.


If the essential can be consumed and you want to add an essential oil to your cold water, add the oil first and then the water. 

This helps the oil to blend into the water.  You could add the oil to your hot tea if the brand approves of using the oil internally. 

However, wait until the tea is drinking temperature, and then add one the oil and stir.

References:  “dōTERRA Essential Oil Cards”, Abundant Health; “dōTERRA Product Guide”, summer 2011; “Modern Essentials”

second edition, and AromaTools.com, 2009

Disclaimer:  This information is intended for informational or educational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for medical

care or to prescribe treatment for any specific health condition. Please see a qualified health care provider for medical treatment.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat,

cure, or prevent any disease.  

Prepared by:  Patti Swager, dōTERRA Independent Product Consultant.              

Last updated:  01/10/2014

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