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Kids Health

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  Improving health without the medications

When kids come down with ailments, like ear

infections, bruises, cuts, scrapes, coughs and sore

throats, wouldn’t you like to have another choice

rather than just a trip to the doctors?

As a parent, we were blessed the day our Physcians

Kit arrived. From that day forth, we were able to

assist our kids and grandchildren with an alternative

way of dealing with the ailments.


Mesquito bites - Peppermint

Car sickness - Peppermint

Can’t sleep - Lavendar

Cold/Flu - OnGuard

Ear Infections - Melaluca

Stomach Aches - DigestZen or Ginger

So next time your child has an ailment try a new

healthy way with dōTERRA CTPG essential oils,

they’re 100% natural, inexpensive non-toxic healing

oils. Parents - you do have a choice now!

Please join us in a Class/Workshop to learn more about Kids Health using dōTERRA CTPG essential oils.