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About Patti & Bill Swager

Patti has more than 10 years of experience as a massage therapist. She

chose the field of massage therapy because she is a firm believer in the

healing power of touch.  Just a simple touch can melt your stress away, and

a therapeutic touch can provide physical, emotional, and mental health


In addition to massage, she enjoys using essential oils. They offer a natural

alternative to medication and chemicals for cleaning.  They also provide

health benefits.  Our family has experienced the results.  Drew, our oldest

grandson, uses peppermint oil to help prevent his motion sickness.  Tayler,

our oldest granddaughter, used melaleuca oil to get rid of a wart.  We have

replaced several items in our home with healthier options, e.g. lemon oil

and water to clean windows, and diffusers to replace chemically based air

fresheners.  Look at our testimony page for more examples.

Bill is amazed with the power of essential oils. The real joy is when Bill

gets to see his kids and grand kids using the oils. Its great to know that we

have a choice now rather than everytime you feel ill, you run to the doctor

to get a pill. “I’m sorta pilled out these days.” He has shared an awesome

testimony for you to read.

There are so many stories and so much knowledge we’d love to share with

you. Please attend one of our Classes/Workshops to find out more ways

that dōTERRA CTPG essential oils can work for you in your life for better 

health and wellness.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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